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How Too
Ok, so you wanna try this out right?
  1. Download the latest source code check-in. (I will start releasing downloads once it's a little more finished.)
  2. Make sure you have the MS Developer Tools installed -
  3. Open the .sln file to load the solution.
  4. Add ROM's to the Content project by right clicking it and choosing Add Existing Items. You will have change the extensions to All Files.
  5. Now select all the ROM's you added from the Content project and change their Build Action to None and their Copy To Output Directory to Copy Always.
  6. Open SharpNES.cs inside the IDE.
  7. Search for LoadCart("smb3.nes") - it should be near the top.
  8. Change the "smb3.nes" to the name of one of your ROM files.
  9. Click the play button at the top!

To get this on your actual phone you will need to be a Windows Phone Developer, it's $99 bucks. Don't give MS that much $ just for this. Just wait...

Todo list -
  • Add ScreenManager to Application part of emulator.
  • Add Options to Application part of emulator.
  • PPU will need some fairly heavy optimization.
  • Finish and test CPU code.
    • Integrate the My NES style memory so that we get a lot more mappers and hopefully faster emulated memory.
  • Write better controls
    • Touch controls - need animated buttons, better graphics...
      • Need an 8 way fixed joystick as well as an 8 way dynamic joystick.
    • Keyboard controls with binding to allow the user to choose what keys for what buttons.
  • Figure out a way to add ROM files to the phone.
  • Write a sound rendering engine.
  • Fix all serialization code to work on the phone.
  • and a lot more

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